System76 Oryx Pro running Manjaro

Hey everyone. Klebs here and today, I’m trying Manjaro again. If I’ve used it before before moving on to Arch Linux, why am I going back to it?

My first experience with Manjaro

At the beginning of my Linux journey, I was getting comfortable with the Debian/Ubuntu family (especially Linux Mint) but I’ve always been intrigued by the Arch family. Sure, its reputation as a difficult distribution to use scared me but a colleague at the office convinced me to try Manjaro which was from the same family. At first, I’ve liked using it via Live USB but since I only had one spare computer and my family was already used to Linux Mint, I’ve decided to wait to get my hands on another computer to install Manjaro on it and thus, have multiple distros to play with.

My short time with Arch

Once I’ve finally bought a computer with Pop!_OS and a spare partition for another distro, I’ve installed Manjaro on it but after a few missteps, I’ve ended up borking the whole thing. Once I’ve reinstalled Pop!_OS, I’ve decided to put Manjaro aside for the time being and challenge myself to learn Arch and see if I can install it, let alone use it despite my relative inexperience. After months of trial and error while taking notes, I finally had a stable Arch installation… or so I thought.

A choice to make

After each installation, I always found something I wasn’t happy with and restarted the whole process. Eventually, I wasn’t able to install Arch properly anymore and that was because the distro had changed so much my notes were now outdated. That means I’ll have to go through the whole learning process again. I was facing a dilemma: spend a few more months doing exactly that or just install Manjaro while trying not to re-bork it like last time. Since my goal is to learn about the Arch family, I’ve decided to put Arch aside for now and give Manjaro another try. Besides, I can always play with Arch on a virtual machine while learning to install it at my own pace. Time will tell if I made the right call.

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Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon. Laters.