Klebs and Tux

Hey everyone, Klebs here and today, I announce that after months of publishing French blog posts, I will once again translate everything I write in English. As for past French posts, I will translate them as well. The goal is to broaden my horizons and reach a wider audience.

I first started blogging two years ago with a firm intent to always do it in both French and English. However, after a long hiatus for personal reasons, I resumed work but only in French to save time and be able to publish more regularly. What made me go back to the way it was is the ability to remain consistent by writing shorter posts and the fact I didn’t want to further penalize my English readers because of my lack of time management skills.

Even after two years, there’s still so much I need to master in order to become a better and more consistent blogger. If you’re still here, thanks for joining me as I continue to learn my way around Linux as a gaming enthusiast.

Don’t hesitate to send me your questions and comments on Mastodon.

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Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon. Laters.