Les Ateliers PHV logo Initially published on March 16th 2018 on Steemit

Hey everyone! My name is Klebs and I’m a member of Les Ateliers PHV along with my brother Tigerfog. Nice to meet you.

Klebs and Tigerfog

Who are we?

I’m just a husband and father by day and unapologetic video game geek by night while everybody sleeps. Tigerfog is an artist who has been honing his drawing skills since we were little kids.

What’s Les Ateliers PHV (The PHV Workshop)?

Tigerfog and I like reading articles in blogs and forums and watch video game content on YouTube (gaming news, tutorials, comedy shows, etc.). However, our tastes eventually changed and we are now having a harder time finding new content that suits us the way it used to. To better explain this, here’s an excerpt from Frédéric Molas a.k.a le Joueur du Grenier in a 2014 Q&A video:

It’s not the episodes that changed, it’s you guys. […] After 50 episodes, you obviously feel the content isn’t fresh anymore. […] That feeling of novelty and of discovering something new, I can’t give it back to you.

By the way, I’m still a fan of Joueur du Grenier and after all these episodes, it’s still not getting old for me.

Tigerfog and I would like to focus on video game topics which appeal more to us. For Tigerfog, it’s reviewing games that are less mainstream in the form of “Let’s Play” videos. As for me, it’s creating modding and repair tutorials, talk about topics like how video games affect us and shape us in our everyday life, anecdotes about my life as a gamer, review products designed by brilliant minds to serve needs that weren’t filled by the original manufacturers (Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft and so on).

Miscellaneous stuff

The other reason we created Les Ateliers PHV is to give one more voice to the North American French speakers because even though the Internet is saturated with English content creators, that’s not really the case with French ones. French content I find are usually aimed towards the European audience and having been raised in both Quebec and France, I can tell the difference isn’t merely limited to geographic locations (NTSC vs PAL, 50Hz vs 60Hz, 110V vs 220V, Starfox vs Starwing, Genesis vs Mega Drive, etc.).

What does this have to do with Steemit?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wood Hawker from @beatemups for introducing me to Steemit via one of his DTube videos that he shared on Twitter. At first, Tigerfog and I thought we would only make French videos on YouTube but we had to be really careful in following its guidelines. Steemit showed us we could:

  • Talk about more controversial subject matter
  • Make videos on Nintendo
  • Publish both web articles and video content on the same platform

With my life as a family man forcing me to be more creative while managing my time, I’ve decided to reduce my workload in video creation and take blogging more seriously. Also, I’d like to try publishing in both French and English. Time will tell if I can sustain this.


Well, I should go to sleep if I want to wake up early enough to drop the kids at daycare on my way to work. Let’s hope snow doesn’t slow me down too much.

road during winter

Thanks for reading this introduction and talk to you real soon!

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